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  • Place of Changing Winds

    Place of Changing Winds

    Today, we are delighted to present our offer of the limited Place of Changing Winds Estate and Tradition wines from the exceptional 2022 harvest. As the notes from James Halliday...

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  • Domaine Jaeger Defaix

    Domaine Jaeger Defaix

    How nice it was to see the smiles return to the faces of Didier and Hélène Defaix. And what charming smiles they are! If Burgundy’s growers were praying for an antidote...

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  • Garagiste


    2023 is the gift that keeps on giving. Across the board, our Victorian growers have turned out some of their most exciting wines to date, and Barney Flanders is no different...

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  • Thomas Wines

    Thomas Wines

    After 30 years of making world-class Hunter Valley Shiraz, Andrew Thomas’s passion for the variety and his region hasn’t budged an inch. It has allowed plenty of time to refine...

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  • Bondar


    Andre Bondar and Selina Kelley have had a great twelve months. Not only have their latest releases garnered significant praise from the likes of Ned Goodwin MW...

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  • Paul Gadenne

    Paul Gadenne

    Few combinations capture the attention of wine-lovers better than limestone soils and sloping vineyards. From Montrachet to the Tuscan hills, it’s a union proven to elicit scintillating...

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  • Meadowbank


    From the moment Peter Dredge joined forces with the Ellis family, Meadowbank has not missed a beat. Vintage 2023 continues this partnership’s stellar run of form. In the end...

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  • Chablis & Friends

    Chablis & Friends

    When it comes to friends, Bill Nanson and Jasper Morris MW aren’t short of them down Chablis way. But even their connections are no guarantee of access...

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  • Spinifex


    There’s not much Pete Schell turns his hand to that doesn’t turn to gold, and his rosé, considered a benchmark by many and a brilliant wine by all, is firmly...

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  • Robert Weil

    Robert Weil

    If you know where to look, 2022 is manna from heaven for Riesling lovers. We had the pleasure of Robert Weil’s Nicolas Langer’s company recently...

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  • Domaine Gueguen

    Domaine Gueguen

    The oracle of all things Burgundy, Jasper Morris MW, has made some exciting assertions about 2022 Chablis. In ranking it ahead of recent classics like 2017 and...

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  • Bannockburn


    Between celebrated slam dunks and fadeaways, basketball legend Michael Jordan once said: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Much has been made of this iconic vineyard’s...

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