About Us

On the one hand, our role as a merchant of all things wine and spirits could not be simpler: Since 2004 we have aimed to source the most delicious, most authentic, and highest quality products possible from Australia and around the world, then offer them to our clients with as much passion and information as possible. But the International Fine Wine story goes deeper than that.

Everything starts with the quality of our portfolio, but our people and the level of service we offer is equally important. In fact, we are blessed with many passionate and extremely knowledgeable people across all areas of the business, from customer service through to communication, technology and logistics. Our highly skilled team members enable us to strive for the highest possible standards across all these areas, so we can effectively honour the hard work of the growers and producers we are blessed to represent and the loyalty and support of our customers.

Our producers work their hides off to make the best possible wines and spirits. They are widely recognised as benchmarks and, in many cases, pioneers. It’s a great privilege to represent these makers and we feel a strong duty of care to honour their hard work.