Equipo Navazos La Bota 106 Vinagre de Jerez Gran Reserva Bota NO

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Equipo Navazos La Bota 106 Vinagre de Jerez Gran Reserva Bota NO
Producer Equipo Navazos
Region, Country Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Bottle Size 375ml
Product Code 20933-375

Saca of July 2021. Antonio Páez Lobato is known as the ‘King of Vinegar’. A born entrepreneur, at the age of 23 he joined his family Bodega and set about commercialising his region’s famous vinegar, Vinagre de Jerez. Selecting vinegar soleras from the likes of Sandeman, González Byass, Lacave Ruiz Tagle and Osborne, Lobato put Jerez Vinegar on the international map, and his work was instrumental in getting this unique product its own Denominación de Origen. For some years Navazos toyed with the idea of bottling one of the few very old vinegar casks that Lobato’s house Páez Morilla continues to cellar as treasures. They had doubts, however; that despite the age, intensity and sheer quality of the liquid, there would be enough interest in a product like this. In June 2021 they bottled 1,200 half bottles from a single old oak cask for La Bota 106 Vinagre de Jerez Gran Reserva Bota NO.

Made using the traditional Criaderas y Solera method, this incomparable Vinagre de Jerez Gran Reserva was made with wine that was already almost 15 years old, an age to which Barquín estimates another forty years must be added. Its acetic grade is above 11, which is outrageous, and it maintains almost 3.5% alcohol.
Vinegars like this are often used to give character to younger vinegars, however, this one has been bottled as is, without any dilution: an essence of true Sherry vinegar. It is, in Barquín’s words, “a spectacular vinegar, ideal for perfuming dishes with just a few drops”. Normally, a minimal amount will suffice (even with a dropper) as a dressing and it is even advisable to not add it directly, rather prepare a vinaigrette by mixing it with oil, salt and whatever else is appropriate. When age, provenance, and quality, not to mention how long it will last once opened, are considered the price is more than reasonable. Think of it as gastronomic gold. 

Equipo Navazos La Bota 106 Vinagre de Jerez Gran Reserva Bota NO

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