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Catch a Fire: Riveting Champagne from a Revolutionary Vigneron

Given the quotes on this page, and many more like them, what can we add, except, perhaps, to highlight William Kelley’s assertion that, “If Champagne is an exciting region today, no one is more responsible for that than he.” Instead, it is important to acknowledge that the Domaine has been in transition, with Guillaume Selosse (Anselme and Corrine’s son) slowly taking over the reins. Anselme has officially retired but didn’t do so before ensuring that Guillaume had achieved the required level of expertise and experience. This transition has occurred slowly, thoughtfully and with great class. The recent wines make it clear that the Domaine and the wines have been left in very steady hands.

“The “madman of Avize” may turn out to be the “prophet of Avize” - by which I mean that it is hard to think of a single individual in Champagne whose work (though by no means uniformly admired) is more influential than that of Anselme Selosse.” Andrew Jefford, The New France

“Anselme Selosse is one of the pivotal figures in the modern history of Champagne. Selosse’s meticulous attention to detail in the vineyards and bold wines inspired a whole generation of younger growers, some of whom spent time working alongside him, and others who were captivated by a vision of Champagne as a wine that is, first and foremost, born in the vineyard.” Antonio Galloni, Vinous

“As with many wines that seek to push their boundaries, Selosse’s champagnes are not without controversy—some believe them to be at the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the region, while others find them incomprehensible. Regardless, it’s undeniable that these are highly original champagnes, and wines of intense personality.” Peter Liem,

“The great terroirist of Champagne, who convinced so many that it could be treated like wine, and both inspired and mentored an entire generation of ambitious grower producers. Of coerce, he continues to make great wine in the often rich, slightly oxidized, terroir-sensitive and entirely idiosyncratic manner he is famous for.” Parr and Mackay, The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste

“Anselme Selosse’s Champagnes are coveted the world over for their unique, bold personalities. Over the years and decades, Substance has arguably become Selosse’s most sought-after Champagne. A rabid core of fans snap up the 3,000 bottles produced annually upon release, while the wines disappear from restaurant wine lists just as fast as they appear. For that reason, very few people have a chance to taste these wines with years of post-disgorgement age.” Antonio Galloni, Vinous

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