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Akkeshi Taisho Blended Whisky

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Akkeshi Taisho Blended Whisky
Producer Akkeshi Distillery
Region, Country Saitama, Japan
Bottle Size 700ml
Case Size 12
Product Code 21775-700

48% ABV. Taisho is the 12th of the 24 Japanese solar terms. The hottest period of the year, this is a celebratory time with many festivals and fireworks. The indigo label is inspired by yukata, the light summer kimono worn during the warmer months. As always, the exact production details are difficult to pin down, but the key malt is 100% from Hokkaido, aged in a variety of casks, including Mizunara and Bourbon, alongside imported grain purchased as new make and aged entirely in-house (nine separate components contributed to the blend).

This is signature Akkeshi, with fresh yet savoury/saline peatiness positioned at the forefront. A hot-blooded blend, this changes constantly in the glass and is best without water. Secondary notes of spun sugar and tropical fruit are joined by deep citrus, burnt sage and green almond notes in the mouth. It finishes spicy, salty and long.

Akkeshi Taisho Blended Whisky

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