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Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica 2013

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Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica 2013
Producer Transcontinental Rum Line
Region, Country Caribbean, Jamaica
Bottle Size 700ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 20324-700

Line #25, ex-Bourbon barrel, Pure Single Rum (pot still). Natural colour, non-sugared.

Worthy Park Estate is the oldest sugar factory in Jamaica and has been in operation since 1670, with an annexed distillery functioning with a single Forsyth’s double-retort pot still. After several years out of operation, the installation of a new pot still in 2005 gave rise to the resurgence of the distillery operation.

The Jamaica 2013 was distilled from fermented molasses and matured in ex-Bourbon barrels. Bottled at Navy Strength, this opulent Rum has matured for more than four years on the island and one year in Europe. 

The aromas are beautifully understated considering the abv. All components are in balance—fruit, vanilla and high-toned esters all working in unison. The spirit has nice grip which counterbalances the rich and viscous mouthfeel. There’s a quick briny hit followed by honey, nectar and stone fruit and just a touch of marzipan. The finish is long and harmonious. This is something to sip and savour—add water to bring the savoury, earthy flavours to the fore.

Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica 2013

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