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Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2015

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Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2015
Producer Transcontinental Rum Line
Region, Country Australia, Australia
Bottle Size 700ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 20322-700

Line #35, various seasoned Oak, Pure Single Rum (pot still). Natural colour, non-sugared. Beenleigh is Australia’s oldest operating distillery and still crafts small-batch Rum in the traditional way. The copper pot still has a signature shape and style (a vat still)—and is the only one of its kind in Australia. Only four people are involved with the distillation at Beenleigh, including the Master Distiller. The Rum is rested in historic wooden maturation vats that once held Australian Brandy, and then in a variety of used American oak casks. 

Distilled in pot stills from fermented molasses, this exotic and full-bodied Rum aged two years locally before crossing the oceans for two more years of maturation in Europe. 

Transcontinental Rum Line Australia 2015

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