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Transcaribbean Rum Line Flying King

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Transcaribbean Rum Line Flying King
Producer Transcontinental Rum Line
Region, Country Caribbean, West Indies
Bottle Size 700ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 20320-700

Distilled and aged in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic for three years. The Jamaican component (40%) is from the Trelawny Parish and fermentation was long and wild. The Rum was then distilled in copper double retort pot stills. The Dominican component was column-distilled, and has been produced in the Spanish style, which is rounder and more mouth-filling, complementing the funk of the Jamaican proportion. This was tropically aged for three years before bottling.

Oak comes to the fore on the nose, with plenty of musk lollies, crème brûlée and cake spice overlying the ester characters. The palate is full and round, with lashings of butter and a nice intensity from the heat. The fruit is delicate and in the tropical spectrum and it finishes strong with a lick of macadamia nut.

Transcaribbean Rum Line Flying King

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