Toro Albalá Poley Cream 10 Años NV (500ml)

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Toro Albalá Poley Cream 10 Años NV (500ml)
Producer Toro Albala
Region, Country Montilla-Moriles, Spain
Bottle Size 500ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 20371-500
While ‘Cream’ conjures memories of that old bottle of sherry that our grandmothers used to drink, Toro Albalá's rendition is more like your sexy, sh-boogie-bop Prince version.  It’s in fact an amazingly complex 10-year-old Oloroso (Oloroso Viejo), judiciously enriched with old Don PX and a smidgen of Fino Lagar. The result is an intricate, refined, palate-caressing wine. Aromatics of salted caramel, grilled nuts and nectarine give way to a velvety mouthfeel where the sweetness of the Don PX element is balanced by mouth-watering salinity. This is a unique and utterly delicious Cream PX that makes a terrific companion to a wide range of desserts or coffee with petits fours.
Toro Albalá Poley Cream 10 Años NV (500ml)

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