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Thierry Germain Saumur-Champigny Les Roches 2019

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Thierry Germain Saumur-Champigny Les Roches 2019
Producer Roches Neuves
Region, Country Saumur, France
Bottle Size 750ml
Product Code 19240-750

Organic. 100% Cabernet Franc. In 2015, Germain’s vines that supply the Domaine Saumur-Champigny were severely affected by frost, leading to large-scale losses. Unfortunately, the same occurred in a series of subsequent vintages (most recently in 2021). This bottling then is produced from a friend’s 25-year-old vineyard in Chaintres de Varrains, close to the Domaine itself, to make up some of the missing quantity. The winemaking was the same as for the Domaine cuvée: harvesting was by hand, a cold soak infusion was employed on some of the parcels, and the wild yeast fermentation and élevage were in tank. 

The quality, too, is cut from the same cloth. Pouring electric crimson, you first get the heady fusion of raspberries, wild strawberries, violets, five spice and crushed rock. Again, it’s juicy and supremely energetic with the kind of spot-on marriage of fruit, supple tannin and mouth-watering acidity that will have you taking another sip before you even realise. Both these releases are just fabulous, and fabulous value.

Thierry Germain Saumur-Champigny Les Roches 2019

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