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Stellacello Pompelmo (500ml)

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Stellacello Pompelmo (500ml)
Producer Stellacello
Region, Country London, UK
Bottle Size 500ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 15715-500

The signature apero that started the ball rolling, Stellacello Pompelmo is a distinctive and far more interesting twist on the classic Italian Limoncello. The quality pink grapefruit that Stella sources gifts a racier, drier and pithier profile, so while Pompelmo can be enjoyed as a citrusy aperitivo (with tonic), or more traditionally as a digestif, it works equally well as a classy cocktail base and modifier. Already widely used by London’s best barkeeps, this amber liquid, with its sweet, zesty aromas and flavours, its subtlety and versatility, is clearly a fun ingredient to play with behind the stick.  The basic details are that Stella macerates his pink grapefruit peel in a high proof neutral base spirit for up to two months. The liqueur is then modestly sweetened with sugar syrup and cut to 29%. However, Stella admits that there’s a little more to it than that. Back home, he’s got a think tank of Australian-Italian Nonnas divulging their age-old family secrets (and that, it seems, is the way it is going to stay). Regardless, this is a must try.

Stellacello Pompelmo (500ml)

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