Sky Half’N Zinfandel Syrah 2017

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Sky Half’N Zinfandel Syrah 2017
Producer Sky Vineyards
Region, Country Napa Valley, USA
Bottle Size 750ml
Case Size 12
Product Code 24275-750

The Sky Half’N came about by chance in a year when Lore Olds found himself with 135 litres each of Zinfandel and Syrah to look after at the end of harvest. Rather than vinify the batches separately, Lore deviated from his usual practice―never to blend varieties―and combined the two. According to Lore, the result was “something pretty special, unique and delicious”, and the blend has been replicated sporadically ever since. The Half’N is not made yearly; only one or two barrels are made for each release.

Notably, 2017 was an early vintage, so all the fruit was off the vines and safely in barrels before the notorious Tubbs Fire ripped through California’s wine country. The fruit was picked by the end of August, and the batches co-fermented in open-top vessels for 10-14 days with a small portion of whole berries (5 to 10%) and an even smaller portion of whole bunches. The wine was pressed in the estate’s 1906 wooden press and matured in oak barrels for 14 months.

Like all the Sky wines, Half’N is matured in bottle for years before release (although not as long as the Zinfandel wines). It’s softer and more approachable in youth and, at 13.5% alcohol, is as elegant, bright and detailed as you could hope. The nose gives you lovely blueberry and fruitcake spice, while the palate, framed by a powdery structure, gives you layers of creamy mulberry, roast herbs and pungent, zesty freshness.

This year’s label depicts the third generation of the Sky family: Lore’s half-grandchildren, Archer and Dakota, being taught how to scowl by their grandfather and painted by the man himself.   

Sky Half’N Zinfandel Syrah 2017

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