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Quiquiriqui Ensamble 47

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Quiquiriqui Ensamble 47
Producer Quiquiriqui
Region, Country Oaxaca, Mexico
Bottle Size 700ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 20539-700

An equal blend of the three agave types from three different regions. The espadín is crafted in Santiago Matatlán by Carlos Méndez, whereas the components of wild Cuishe and Terpeztate varieties are made by Mezcalera Isabel Rios from El Sitio del Palmar and Orlando Altamirano from Zoquitlan respectively. All are made to the same specifiations: the agaves are roasted in the underground pits then distilled separately using the same traditional practices. The three batches are then brought together and blended by the master distiller to the unique QQRQ recipe. The liquid is rested for 2 weeks before bottling.

Quiquiriqui Ensamble 47

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