Quebrada Del Chucao Cider 2015 (750ml)

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Quebrada Del Chucao Cider 2015 (750ml)
Producer Quebrada Del Chucao
Region Loncoche
Bottle Size 750ml
Product Code 13577-750

Quebrada del Chucao [Pron: Kay-brada del choo-cow] means the creek of the Chucao, specifically the chucao tapaculo, a rare, non-flying species of ground bird that also adorns the label. This little fellow thrives in the continental woodland and forests of southern Chile.

This is a rare example of a bottle conditioned Chilean cider, crafted using the méthode champenoise, a process Diego Rivera favours for the deeper character and elegant, soft carbonation it imparts. All the bottles are turned and disgorged by hand. "Our style is a mix between Asturian and English cider, focusing on the dryer side of it," Rivera told me, "I think we have worked the aromatic side in a more interesting way than typical Spanish ciders, trying to avoid excessive oxidation while imparting a wilder, more complex aroma and flavour."

Quebrada Del Chucao Cider 2015 (750ml)

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