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Old Kempton Christmas Release 2023 (500ml)

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Old Kempton Christmas Release 2023 (500ml)
Producer Old Kempton Distillery
Region, Country Tasmania, Australia
Bottle Size 500ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 24075-500

The inaugural Christmas release from Old Kempton is another small batch run. This year’s Whisky is a selection of single malts aged in premium Australian Tawny casks, with a small inclusion of Whisky aged in Apera cask. The Whiskies were hand-selected by head distiller Rob Tyson for their rich, deep, festive spice character; he sought to conjure up memories of “log fires and Old Gold chocolate”. He’s nailed it.

The combination of the Tawny Port and Apera casks brings lovely harmony to the Whisky, combining the classic plum pudding, brown sugar and tobacco leaf characters of the former with the warm spice, white pepper and structural frame of the latter. 

Old Kempton Christmas Release 2023 (500ml)

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