Noble Rot, Capturing the Impossible Wine - Issue #33

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Noble Rot, Capturing the Impossible Wine - Issue #33
Producer Noble Rot
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In this issue, Dan Keeling reports on a 25-vintage vertical of Romanée-Conti, organised by the domaine to mark the reprint of Richard Olney’s seminal book Romanée-Conti: The World’s Most Fabled Wine. “As all wine lovers can attest, the last glass is often the best, and as the tasting winds down I return to my half-drunk set of wines,” writes Keeling. “There’s over half a million quid’s worth of BONA FIDE ROMANÉE-CONTI around the room. So watcha gonna do?” We wonder...

Also in this Issue…

+ Jon Bonné sketches Australian wine’s new generation.

+ Dan Keeling profiles the northern Rhône’s mystical Château Grillet.

+ Alice Feiring sees how Georgia’s ancient wine traditions are moving with the times.

+ A spotlight on this season’s most on-trend grapes.

+ Marina O’Loughlin heads to Porto to marvel at its gastronomic delights, and

+ the Rotters team re-watches and rates the best and worst films about wine.

+ much more

Noble Rot, Capturing the Impossible Wine - Issue #33

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