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Müller-Catoir Gutswein NV (2021)

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Müller-Catoir Gutswein NV (2021)
Producer Muller-Catoir
Region, Country Pfalz, Germany
Bottle Size 1.0L
Product Code 20860-1000

Gutswein is the base classification in the VDP for house wines that are blended from a variety of estate fruit. Müller-Catoir does not typically export this wine, rather bottles it in one-litre format to sell to local restaurants. Some years ago, we spied some bottles in the winery and insisted on tasting. After years of asking, we were finally delivered our first small parcel of this juicy offering in 2011. To this day, on every visit, Philipp Catoir reminds us that we are lucky to receive an allocation! Drawn from the 2021 vintage, this wine is a blend of Riesling (at least 85%), with lesser amounts of Rieslaner, Scheurebe and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc). 

Müller-Catoir Gutswein NV (2021)

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