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Kings County Barrel Strength Bourbon 65% 2022 (750ml)

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Kings County Barrel Strength Bourbon 65% 2022 (750ml)
Producer Kings County
Region, Country New York, USA
Bottle Size 750ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 15695-750

Once a regular KC offering, the pressure today on the distillery’s older inventory has meant that this Barrel Strength has become an allocated Whiskey. The current allotment is a particularly small blend and includes barrels pulled from the oldest stock in the Kings County Bourbon inventory. At 65% ABV, it is also the distillery’s highest-ever proof Bourbon.

Composed of 66 barrels across three different cask sizes (but built primarily from one of King’s County’s last remaining lots of 10-gallon barrels), Batch #15 features a particularly concentrated range of many of the rich end flavours which have long been considered sin qua non to the house style.

A tightly connected nose and palate both exhibit brandied cherry, viscous maple, mahogany, brown sugar and toasted malt, while a finish of stewed plum and caramelized shortbread lingers with pleasant warmth.

Kings County Barrel Strength Bourbon 65% 2022 (750ml)

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