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Jensen's Old Tom Gin

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Jensen's Old Tom Gin
Producer Jensens Gin
Region, Country Bermondsey, UK
Bottle Size 700ml
Product Code 12305-700

Jensen's Old Tom is a faithful reproduction of an original recipe, taken from a handwritten distiller's notebook and dating from the 1840s. It is unique on the modern day gin market in that it is unsweetened, and the distillery hold evidence that this is the most accurate recreation of the Old Toms that were being used in cocktail making in the 1800s. It's a rooty, intensely complex spirit; a fantastic base for many a cocktail, as well as making a divine gin & tonic! Botanical recipe:  Classic gin botanicals only, tenfold quantity of botanicals used. Heavy sway towards root and spice botanicals.

Still:  John Dore & co; an original British gin still-making company dating back to 1830, when the company was founded by Aeneas Coffey - the patentee of the original Coffey still. Jensen's still is 500 litres cap, with stainless steel body and a copper cone head and lyne. This custom-build uses a water jacket to heat the alcohol and botanical mixture. It was commissioned in 2012 and licensed in July 2014, becoming the sixth craft distillery within London.

Nose: Huge root hit; ample musk and spice; apparent sweetness on nose yet palate is dry.

Tasting notes: Concentrated flavour tightly wound; opens up hugely when mixed.

Jensen's Old Tom Gin

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