Henriques & Henriques Finest Full Rich 5Yo NV (500ml)

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Henriques & Henriques Finest Full Rich 5Yo NV (500ml)
Producer Henriques & Henriques
Region, Country Madeira, Portugal
Bottle Size 500ml
Product Code 6338-500

Henriques’ entry wines are very handy stand-by bottles for the fridge. They are predominantly made from Tinta Negra Mole—with 10% to 20% of Sercial, Verdelho or Malvasia depending on the age and style. There is a unique and sophisticated Estufa process used: the wines are slowly allowed to warm to 45ºC before being left to cool. This process takes 90 days, after which the wines go to cask.

The dry wines (which actually edge into off-dry) are ideal aperitifs, served chilled with freshly roasted nuts, olives or tapas-style food. The tangy, medium-dry wines pair beautifully with smoked fish and white meats, and are our choice for mixing in cocktails. The rich styles are delicious as a dessert wine, especially with creamy desserts and chocolate. They also pair well with strong cheese such as Stilton.

Ageing in oak casks has given this wine a high concentration and richness. A dark, full bodied, luscious, dessert wine. It will work on its own or with rich foods like chocolate, petits fours, blue cheese and with coffee.

Henriques & Henriques Finest Full Rich 5Yo NV (500ml)

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