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Ester Old Tom Gin (50ml)

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Ester Old Tom Gin (50ml)
Producer Ester
Region, Country Sydney, Australia
Bottle Size 50ml
Case Size 24
Product Code 24163-050

Ester’s maverick take on the 18th-century English classic uses a base of triple citrus Gin with mandarin, sweet orange and lemon. Then, lemon verbena adds a burst of bright, sweet sherbet flavour, and jasmine flower infuses the Gin with gentle floral notes. It’s a delectably soft, sweet and silky Gin that will turbocharge your Tom Collins or Martinez, but we also love it in a soft-focus G&T. Unlike many Old Tom’s on the market, this Gin contains no added sugar. The sweetness you find on the palate comes from the distillate itself.

Ingredients: Juniper, mandarin, orange, lemon, lemon verbena, lemon myrtle, jasmine flower, liquorice, angelica, orris, juniper, coriander, cassia, cardamom, macadamia.

Ester Old Tom Gin (50ml)

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