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Ester Negroni Keg (19L)

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Ester Negroni Keg (19L)
Producer Ester
Region, Country Sydney, Australia
Bottle Size 19ml
Case Size 1
Product Code 20314-19L

Considering Felix Clark started his spirits journey in a quest for the perfect Negroni Gin, it stands to reason that his prebatched Negroni has plenty riding on it. Ester’s blend takes in equal measures of Ester Dry (the holy grail itself), Campari, and “the best damn Vermouth on the market (when you can find it!)”—Cocchi Vermouth di Torino. To mimic the icy stir down in the mixing glass, Clark uses 20% filtered water.

You get what you put in—this really is hard to match, and nigh-impossible to pick as a prebatched mix. Pour straight from the fridge or freezer (-15º works a treat, but don't over-chill or it will freeze) for one of the classiest and most authentic Negronis around. It’s certainly got enough flavour to be diluted with tonic or soda if that’s what floats your boat. Fosco Scarselli could hardly have done better!

Ester Negroni Keg (19L)

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