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Ester Mandarin Gimlet Keg (19L)

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Ester Mandarin Gimlet Keg (19L)
Producer Ester
Region, Country Sydney, Australia
Bottle Size 19ml
Case Size 1
Product Code 21111-19L

Ester Dry, and the Marrickville distillery’s own mandarin cordial, made using whole mandarin shrub including the skin, acid and sugar for balance. Essentially, this is a Gimlet ready to go, and so is designed to be served straight-up (at about -10 degrees), but the Ester team tell us this also works well served long with soda or Prosecco. We're definitely up for that, but it's so delicious, we're thinking it would be dangerous! 

Like a classic Gimlet, this doesn't smell that juicy or sweet at first sniff. Instead, the balance of the peel, oil and juice keeps this drink as fragrant as the Gin that forms its base. The dilution brings juniper and coriander seed to the fore, and on the palate you get a lip-smacking sweet/sour tang with herbal body and generosity. Mandarin takes the classic Gimlet out of a dark bar and into an outdoor summery setting.

Botanicals: Juniper, cardamon, coriander, orris, angelica, liquorice, clove, cassia, finger lime, macadamia, lemon myrtle, sweet mandarin peel and pepperberry.

Ester Mandarin Gimlet Keg (19L)

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