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Ester Bees Knees

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Ester Bees Knees
Producer Ester
Region, Country Sydney, Australia
Bottle Size 700ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 24290-700

The latest buzz-worthy salvo from the crazy diamonds at Ester Spirits is this turbocharged take on a prohibition cocktail. Traditionally a blend of Gin, honey and citrus, Felix and Corrina have added even more punch with added yuzu sake—and then they’ve lined the inside of the bottle with beeswax. As Felix tells it, the honey and wax can have seasonal characteristics; in 2020, the batch had a smoky, peaty note, whereas in the flood year of 2021, the bees were very active, pollinating everything from bananas to passionfruit, giving a distinct tropical note. So, each batch is different, lending a unique undertone to what is arguably Australia’s most singular bottled cocktail.

Felix explains: “As the cocktail sits in the bottle, it draws the lipids out of the beeswax and imparts the cocktail with layers of unctuous honey flavour, combined with the fresh bite of sour citrus.” This sweet, oily and sour creation is a zing of beauty.

Serve as cold as possible in a coupe or over ice, or try topped with Midnight Mixers tonic for a springtime spritz. 24.5% alcohol.

Ester Bees Knees

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