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Domaine Plageoles Gaillac Doux Mauzac Roux 2021

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Domaine Plageoles Gaillac Doux Mauzac Roux 2021
Producer Robert & Bernard Plageoles
Region, Country Gaillac, France
Bottle Size 750ml
Product Code 21566-750

Semi-sweet. Organic. Mauzac Roux is one of the seven varieties of the Mauzac family farmed by the Plageoles. The grapes are picked in three passes through the vines and, in strong botrytis years, roughly half the yield comes from botrytis-affected fruit. Regardless of the conditions, the yields generate only 25 hl/ha of fragrant golden juice in an average year. In terms of residual, at 80 g/L this is the driest sweet wine in the range and the only one fermented and matured exclusively in cement tanks. 

It’s a wine that fully expresses the unique charm of the Plageoles style; all honey, nectarine and citrus marmalade tanginess, the silky sheen of the texture offset by ripples of crisp acidity, excellent clarity and length of flavour. It tastes drier than its residual would suggest, but is nonetheless viscous in the mouth with delicately phrased layers of citrus oil, spun sugar and candied botrytis tang. Like most Plageoles wines, this is both fascinating and delicious. A first-rate value to complement fruit-based desserts such as pears poached in white wine.

Domaine Plageoles Gaillac Doux Mauzac Roux 2021

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