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Dodd's Gin (200ml)

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Dodd's Gin (200ml)
Producer Dodd's Gin
Region, Country London, UK
Bottle Size 200ml
Case Size 12
Product Code 12677-200

 Inspired by and named after the visionary engineer Ralph Dodd, this small-batch,  full-bodied Gin, was one of the trailblazers that initially fired London’s contemporary craft Gin scene. Time has not wearied it, and Dodd’s remains one of the greats, and indeed the finest Martini Gin that we’ve come across. First created in 2013, Dodd’s is a unique marriage of two separate distillations; the bulk of the botanicals are distilled in a relatively small, 140-litre copper alembic still called ‘Christina’. Then, the distillation of the more delicate botanicals (such as raspberry leaf) takes place in a small, bespoke ‘Cold Vacuum’ still, christened ‘Little Albion’. The two spirits are blended for several weeks before bottling. The team’s attention to detail extends to exquisite individually numbered, letterpress labels, which are printed on an old Heidelberg press and attached to each bottle by hand.

Intensely juniper-driven with bright, fresh lime peel in place of the more traditional coriander seed, this makes for a Gin that is at once elegant, refreshing and yet mellow and textured. It’s full-bodied yet somehow remains light on its feet—despite the higher ABV. Verdant lime and bay laurel greet the nose, while the pillowy mouthfeel and a subtle sweetness come from the addition of London honey collected from local beehives, imparting a creaminess that mellows the refreshing, earthy, menthol notes delivered by lingering hints of juniper, bay and angelica. The finish is wonderfully perfumed suggesting an array of elements like lime blossom and jasmine, cardamom and a tickle of nettle and red fruit from the fresh red raspberry leaf. Put simply, this is a complex, audacious Gin (which happens to be 96% organic) that holds its own against the very best. Whether served neat, in a Dodd’s Martini, Gin & Tonic, or in classic cocktails such as the Martinez or Negroni, this is Gin (and prese

Dodd's Gin (200ml)

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