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Cognac Tesseron Carafe Tresor

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Cognac Tesseron Carafe Tresor
Producer Cognac Tesseron
Region, Country Cognac, France
Bottle Size 700ml
Product Code 11333-700

The pinnacle of the new collection, Trésor was crafted from a blend of around 100 eaux-de-vie, each selected for their finesse, depth, richness and length. This rarefied blend of spirits was then aged for more than two generations (50+ years) in special barrels famed for their age and rarity, called tierçons, within the Tesseron family's Paradis cellar (where the most valuable Cognacs are kept).  Of course these eaux-de-vie are all Grande Champagne in origin, and all three major grape varieties (Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche) are represented. This ensures the Trésor is comprised of only best and most complex raw materials available.

It's a sublimely opulent Cognac with intense rancio notes (smoky/nutty characters) that as Albert Tesseron says, "you never find in Cognacs less than two generations old". More viscous and dense in the mouth than the Légende, it's still remarkably sophisticated and (indescribably) complex, with prodigious length on the finish. Each sip fills the mouth with perfume. Sheer indulgence.

Cognac Tesseron Carafe Tresor

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