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Cognac Tesseron Carafe Legende

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Cognac Tesseron Carafe Legende
Producer Cognac Tesseron
Region, Country Cognac, France
Bottle Size 700ml
Product Code 11332-700

Aged, as Albert Tesseron puts it, “for one generation” (meaning 25-plus years) the Extra Légende was created from a blend of Tesseron Grande Champagne reserve wines. Its deep complexity was built around the inclusion of around 50 eaux-de-vie (including a number made from the Folle Blanche variety, a rarity in Cognac today) and its maturation in cellars of different humidity levels. It carries a little more earthy, woody spice than the Passion, with deeper, more mature candied fruit notes as well. There are also heady, deep, floral top notes, rich, spicy base notes, a velveteen texture and an extraordinarily long finish. Another stunning XO.

Cognac Tesseron Carafe Legende

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