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Animus Distillery Elements Spiced Mandarin-Cello

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Animus Distillery Elements Spiced Mandarin-Cello
Producer Animus Distillery
Region, Country Macedon Ranges, Australia
Bottle Size 700ml
Product Code 22262-700

Animus’s Ambrosian Gin forms the base for the Elements Mandarin-Cello and provides a zesty and spicy foundation for this liqueur's potent mandarin fruit. The mandarins are predominantly sourced from Mildura, with the variety used changing depending on what’s available and what’s good. Peeled carefully by hand to avoid pith, the peels are soaked in the Ambrosian Gin for between 24 and 36 hours and then removed. The flesh is juiced (not by hand, they have a juicer!) and added to the vat before dilution with water and house-made sugar syrup to 30%. 

Loaded with fresh and pure mandarin flavour with citrus, spice and zest notes from the Ambrosian base, this is lifted and perfumed with lovely balance and intensity of flavour. It’s luscious, with a rounded, mandarin-drenched close.

Animus Distillery Elements Spiced Mandarin-Cello

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