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Animus Distillery Elements Coffee Noir (5L)

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Animus Distillery Elements Coffee Noir (5L)
Producer Animus Distillery
Region, Country Macedon Ranges, Australia
Bottle Size 5.0L
Case Size 1
Product Code 22261-5L

Animus’ classic Macedon Dry Gin forms the base for the Elements Coffee Noir, adding complexity and a native Australian twist. Rumble Coffee supplies the other key ingredient; a Columbian and Guatemalan blend with notes of orange and caramel. The coffee gets a coarse grind and is steeped in the Macedon Dry for between 24 and 36 hours, depending on the batch size. It’s then diluted back with local spring  water and house-made sugar syrup.
In such a simple recipe, there are few places to hide, and here, the sheer quality of the ingredients used shines brightly. Complex layers of berry fruits, dark chocolate and Christmas cake spice work with the clean citrussy notes of the Macedon Dry base, all coming together to form a balanced, morish and stylish local coffee liqueur. Amp up your Espresso Martini or Irish Coffee or pour liberally over ice cream for a delicious twist on an Affogato. 

Animus Distillery Elements Coffee Noir (5L)

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