Théo Dancer

Surfing with the Zeitgeist

This project is the work of the driven and ambitious Théo Dancer, who has now also become the main man at Domaine Vincent Dancer. Like his father before him, Théo studied at Lycée Viticole de Beaune while working with his father part-time. He joined the domaine full-time in 2021 and is already making a significant impact. In addition to his work with his father, Théo has also taken on some exciting works in the Mâconnais (Roc Breïa) as well as starting this, his own micro-négoce, sourcing fruit from several exciting vineyards across northern France. He is a talented young man, in a hurry.

Along with Bourgogne Chardonnay and Aligoté, Théo sources Savoie Gringet, Jura Savagnin, and a Gamay from vines close to Fleurie. Talk about surfing the zeitgeist. All fruit is impeccably pedigreed, from growers Dancer knows personally. Volumes of these wines will never be significant; the largest cuvée runs to a total production of 300 cases—which, with the name Dancer on the label will not stretch far—but in most instances, the volumes are far smaller.

Unlike the Roc Breïa and Vincent Dancer Burgundies, Théo Dancer feels he can be more experimental with these wines. To this end, he is trialling various fermentation and aging vessels, including ceramic, glass Wineglobes and different-sized casks. Dancer intervenes as little as possible; all fermentations are done with native yeasts, malolactic fermentation occurs naturally, and there is no bâtonnage, fining, or filtration on any of the wines. He also uses less sulphur than at Domaine Vincent Dancer; with 15-20 mg/L being typical. These wines are made in Chassagne-Montrachet, at the domaine cellars, and therefore carry the Vin de France designation.

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