Simonit & Sirch's Guyot Methodology by Marco Simonit

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Simonit & Sirch's Guyot Methodology by Marco Simonit
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Recent decades have seen a revolution in vine pruning, and now arguably the most influential book on the subject is available in English. First published in Italian in 2014, Guyot Methodology: The Vine Pruning Manual to Limit Trunk Diseases is a ground-breaking handbook, offering the reader step-by-step instructions to Simonit's renowned approach to pruning, from vine establishment to maturity.

SIMONIT&SIRCH’s pruning methodology is designed to maximise the health of the vine and to minimise wood disease. Its efficacy has been proven in vineyards across the globe. Marco Simonit’s book provide a step-by-step guide to the establishment, pruning and restructuring of vines. 

In Simonit’s own words, “In this book, you’ll find a complete picture of what happens inside a plant as a consequence of pruning wounds”. You will also find a comprehensive methodology on how to establish and prune vines to avoid such consequences. In short, this is an essential volume for any vineyard owner, viticulturalist, pruner, or simply anyone interested in the science and best practice of pruning.

Simonit & Sirch's Guyot Methodology by Marco Simonit

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