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Old Kempton Creative Cocktail Gift Set (3x50ml)

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Old Kempton Creative Cocktail Gift Set (3x50ml)
Producer Old Kempton Distillery
Region, Country Tasmania, Australia
Bottle Size 50ml
Case Size 12
Product Code 23013-050

The Old Kempton Cocktail Gift Set includes a 50ml bottle each of their Apple Liqueur, Lavender Malt Liqueur and Six Shillings Gin, as well as an Old Kempton branded Wee Glen Cairn glass.
The recipe for the Apple Liqueur was created by Tasmanian Whisky legend Bill Lark's wife, Lyn. Locally made cider is double distilled in a copper pot still and sweetened with sugar syrup. Reminiscent of Austrian Schnapps, the Apple Liqueur is great as a digestif over ice and even better used in a twist on a classic Mojito.
The Lavender Malt is produced from flowers from the Port Arthur Lavender Farm. The heads are steeped in Old Kempton malt spirit (the same as the Whisky base pre-cask), and it’s then sweetened with sugar and coloured with butterfly pea flower before bottling. It makes for a delicious addition to any sparkling cocktail or puts your own spin on an Aviation. 
The Six Shillings Gin is a balanced and harmonious Gin that includes 14 botanicals; juniper, coriander, mango, passionfruit and pepper berry are among the mix. The botanicals are soaked in a cane sugar base spirit in a muslin cloth in the spirit still for one day, followed by a one-day distillation process. It’s a contemporary twist on an Old Tom Gin, great in a Martini or fruit-based cocktails.

Old Kempton Creative Cocktail Gift Set (3x50ml)

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