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Old Kempton Barrel Aged Gin (50ml)

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Old Kempton Barrel Aged Gin (50ml)
Producer Old Kempton Distillery
Region, Country Tasmania, Australia
Bottle Size 50ml
Case Size 48
Product Code 21262-050

A juniper and citrus-rich London Dry style, this has as much emphasis on the Gin as the barrel. Distiller Rob Tyson looks at the barrel as another botanical with the same balance and integration rules as the rest of the recipe.

Twelve botanicals are used, including juniper, citrus, coriander, long pepper and fresh ginger. They are soaked in a cane sugar base spirit in a muslin cloth in the spirit still for one day, followed by a one-day distillation process. This is then maturated in Sylvain barrels from Château Angélus (shaved and toasted prior to use) for six to 12 weeks depending on the age of the cask. 

Old Kempton Barrel Aged Gin (50ml)

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