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Old Kempton Premium Whisky Gift Set (3x50ml)

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Old Kempton Premium Whisky Gift Set (3x50ml)
Producer Old Kempton Distillery
Region, Country Tasmania, Australia
Bottle Size 50ml
Case Size 12
Product Code 23010-050

The Old Kempton Premium Whisky Gift Set includes a 50ml bottle each of their Premium Single Malt Whiskies: Classic Port, Solera and Coachhouse, as well as an Old Kempton branded Wee Glen Cairn glass.

The Classic Port Single Malt, like all Whiskies at this distillery, is double-distilled in squat Knapp Lewer copper pot stills made in Hobart. The spirit was then aged for five to six years before blending and bottling. The casks are sourced from Seppeltsfield and Yalumba in South Australia and had previously housed Tawny Ports with an average age of 30-40 years. The shaving level depends on the age of the barrel (the older, the deeper), but the toast is always medium, and the char is always heavy. It’s a mouth-filling, complex and warming Whisky with layers of spice, caramel and cocoa nibs and a lengthy finish.

Old Kempton’s solera was started in 2017. The system currently consists of one 500L Portuguese Port cask, which is drawn from and topped with 250 litres of stylistically similar spirit from the cask program every six to nine months. Like all Old Kempton Whiskies, the base spirit started life as a 100% Tasmanian barley wash and was double-distilled in the distillery’s copper pot stills. It’s a rich and profoundly complex Whisky layered with fruits, spice, nuts and a malty, caramel-flecked finish.

The Coachhouse is the linchpin of the Old Kempton range, blended to represent the house style, from casks especially chosen as having richer flavours and a more robust back palate. It is also bottled at cask strength for intensity and body. The spirit is aged for five to six years in a mix of Pinot Noir, Sherry, Port and Tokaji casks. It’s a deep, layered, detailed Whisky, full-bodied and complex with a lasting close.

Old Kempton Premium Whisky Gift Set (3x50ml)

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