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Old Kempton Pinot Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (500ml)

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Old Kempton Pinot Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (500ml)
Producer Old Kempton Distillery
Region, Country Tasmania, Australia
Bottle Size 500ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 21699-500

Similar to the Classic Range Pinot Cask Whisky from Old Kempton, this spirit was matured in casks from Frogmore creek and Stefano Lubiana. These Pinot Noir casks are the only ones in the program that Old Kempton sources exclusively from Tasmania. The base is similar to the other bottlings (100% Tasmanian barley wash, double-distilled in copper pot stills). This is aged for four and a half years in freshly used, local Pinot Noir casks, (recoopered locally with a light shave, medium toast and a heavy char) and a small proportion of 20-litre casks to produce a brighter and more vibrant Whisky. It is bottled at cask strength.

The Pinot casks produce a bright vibrant style of whisky that captures the blackcurrant, mulberry, and spiced cherry flavours of the wine and balances them with a beautiful depth of malt and oak. The relatively short maturation ensures astringency from grape tannins is kept to a minimum, meaning the mouthfeel is bold but also round and smooth.

Old Kempton Pinot Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (500ml)

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