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Dark Matter Spiced

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Dark Matter Spiced
Dark Matter Spiced
Producer Dark Matter Distillers
Region, Country Banchory, Scotland
Bottle Size 700ml
Case Size 6
Product Code 12935-700

Those who know Dark Matter know that it is far from your average spiced Rum. First of all, it is Scotland’s first and only Rum, made in a purpose-built distillery in Banchory (between the Cairngorms and Aberdeen). Then it is a craft spiced Rum made by three Rum nuts (brothers Jim and John Ewan, with Cory Mason—ex-Rum distiller at New York State’s Berkshire Mountain Distillers) from the finest possible ingredients. A produce-based spice Rum if you like, rather than the syrup-based products that dominate the market.

It all starts with the highest purity level, refiner’s grade molasses—a standard of molasses almost unheard of these days in rum distillation. Following distillation, the all-important fresh spices are added for a week-long infusion. The recipe stands out not just for the freshness of the ingredients but also the notable absence of vanilla. Dark Matter’s infusion takes in a swathe of fresh ginger, green peppercorns, hand-crushed allspice berries and Indian long pepper (a close relative of black pepper yet with a spicier personality). Finally, to impart the ideal balance of sweet and spice, 60 g/l molasses is added back. No caramel colour is added!

The quality and freshness of the ingredients creates a huge whack of intense ginger and spice, and the standard of the molasses creates a texture and class that is unique in this style of Rum, in our experience.

Dark Matter Spiced
Dark Matter Spiced

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