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Santamania Premium Vodka

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Santamania Premium Vodka
Producer Santamania
Region Madrid
Bottle Size 700ml
Product Code 13625-700

Trust a wine merchant to fall for a grape-based vodka. Unlike the vast majority of commercial vodkas, Santamanía use a neutral grape spirit, based on the local Tempranillo (rather than the grain or potato) that they distil themselves. During their trials the team at Santamania quickly discovered that the complex secondary alcohols from the grape spirit produced a more textural and delicately flavoured base (than grain spirit) when passed though Vera's six copper plates.   It seems a fair logic that the better the water, the better the vodka. Santamanía's unique choice comes from the highest Mountain in Spain, the volcano of Mount Teide in Tenerife. The water that makes its way through the underground volcanic galleries of Tiede derive from the humid trade winds that come off the Atlantic Ocean. These waters then slowly move through the porous bedrock for thousands of feet - a natural filtration that results in ultra pure water that is low in minerals; perfect for combining with alcohol. Each 330-bottle batch of Santamanía takes up to five hours to produce, rendering a highly textured, crystaline vodka that does not require filtration

Santamania Premium Vodka

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